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Honestly, I thought Kanna sounded too good to be true. Maybe I'm just jaded from all the BS out there. But, I tried "Lift" from Kanna Extract brand, and whoa, I am a believer. I put it under my tongue and it didn't taste nearly as bad as I expected (or maybe all those years of putting MDMA under my tongue have made anything else pale by comparison). Within 15 minutes, I felt like I was coming up on an E high. Warm, chill but energized buzz, music is amazing, and the feeling of connectivity with others and being at one with everything was unexpected from such a small and cost-effective dose. Obviously it's not as intense or long lasting as MDMA, but you can sleep when you want to and there's no hangover or "blues" the next day. Pretty amazing stuff. I'm looking forward to the vape becoming available. Thank you for spreading the word and educating us about this fantastic substance.

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