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Oct 2, 2022·edited Oct 2, 2022Liked by Michelle Lhooq

The bath salts panic was wild! I remember local news stations playing grainy clips of 28-Days-Later style “bath salt zombies” violently tearing off their clothes and running through the streets, presumably looking for fresh brains. The most widely covered case was the Florida “Causeway Cannibal” (the one that ate a homeless dude’s face off under a highway overpass! 😱). Of course, reporters didn’t take much notice when mephedrone failed to show up in the attacker’s autopsy report. I think THC was the only thing in his system. So, maybe he just had a touch of reefer madness with a savage case of the munchies.

As bad as the reporting on bath salts was, it freaked me out enough to steer clear of rando research chemicals. I couldn’t find any positive mephedrone stories on the drug forums either. (It seemed like Salvia in that respect—has anyone ever had a good experience on Salvia?). So, I just stuck with the classics and filed mephedrone under “drugs that make you run through traffic naked.”

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